Huawei Mate 10 preorders already sold out

UPDATE: You might need to wait for the next batch as the first 10,000 have already sold out

Preorders are opening soon for the Huawei Mate 10, with no word as yet to when its pricier older brother, the Mate 10 Pro, will be available here. The good news at least is that it comes at a fairly attractive price point.

UPDATE 24/10/2017: Seems some buyers are content to preorder the Mate 10 instead of waiting for the Pro as all the 10,000 units available for preorder have already sold out in Malaysia. If you hoped to get a unit by the official launch date, your chances have diminished - but it might still happen. You can register your interest at the nearest Huawei Experience Centre or Display Zone, or enquire at authorised dealers to see if they will bring in stocks on the day.

The only real reason for a preorder is to get the phone on its official retail day and maybe score a freebie or two. It won't be long till the phone officially releases (28 October 2017) so Mate 10 fans can just wait for then or perhaps hanging on to see if Huawei will bring in the Mate 10 Pro.

Where to preorder

Preorders open online and offline at 10am, 19 October 2017, with the phones retailing for RM2699.

Funnily, this time there will be two different websites offering preorders of the device: Vmall and 3ex. The sites are offering slightly different preorder packages. While both will offer a smart scale, selfie stick and car charger with each purchase, 3ex is also promoting its VIP membership and a three-month screen warranty.

You can also preorder at Huawei authorised stores/dealerships and by 28 October, you should be able to purchase the phone via walk-ins. As to colours, the Champagne Gold variant is confirmed at this time.

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