Huawei Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro pricing leaked online

Both the Chinese and European pricing have appeared on the Web, giving a rough estimate how much it'll cost elsewhere

Huawei is launching its latest Mate series phones today so of course the leaks will inevitably happen. The pricing for the phones have surfaced for China and Europe, which will be a good estimate for how much they will cost elsewhere.

A lot to look forward to

The 'star' phone in the range will probably be the Mate 10 Pro with its higher-end cameras and svelte design, but it's likely there will still be demand for the smaller Mate 10 from people who don't feel like paying premium for the larger model.

For China, the Mate 10 4GB model is said to cost RMB4299 (RM2755), the 6GB version RMB5499 (RM3520) and the 8GB model RMB9299 (RM5950), but in Europe the phone is said to cost €599 (RM2980), €799 (RM3980) and €1199 (RM5970) respectively. If the 8GB model seems pricey, it's because it will also come with 256GB storage.

As for the Mate 10 Pro with 6GB/64GB it is said to cost RMB5499 (RM3520) while the 128GB variant will cost RMB6199 (RM3970) with the 256GB option to cost RMB6899 (RM4420). The Mate 10 Porsche will be the most expensive at RMB7499 (RM4800).

Bear in mind these may or may not be accurate but they seem to be in line with other leaks that have surfaced recently. We'll know for sure tonight when the phones launch for real.

Featuring Huawei's new AI-tweaked Kirin 970, this will be Huawei's most powerful and most interesting phone yet.

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