Huawei kicks off roadshow with a special offer just for twins

Odd but certainly memorable promo

Huawei is currently having a roadshow at KLCC from Jan 25-31. It's running a bunch of promos and its first, part of its Weitolove campaign, is a buy one-free-one gimmick with a difference. See, you only qualify if you have a twin sibiling.

Basically if you buy a Huawei P8, you will get a Huawei P8 lite absolutely free. So long as you show up with your twin, that is. Only 88 units are being made available for the promo.

We're guessing you'll need to show some ID to prove that whoever you're bringing with you is an actual twin blood relative and not just a passable lookalike.  No word, though, whether they're making a distinction between fraternal and identical twins. For those non-twins, Huawei says to look out for other promos coming soon.

[Source: Huawei via Amanz]