Huawei Just Revealed The HarmonyOS Meant For The Honor Smart TV

No plans for it to be on smartphones just yet

Huawei has just unveiled the HarmonyOS today to the press in China. Richard Yu, the head of Huawei’s consumer business, explained to the press in the southern city of Dongguan that the new system, called HarmonyOS or HongMeng in Chinese, would “bring more harmony and convenience to the world”.

After facing threats of losing access to Android systems amid escalating US-China trade tensions. The highly-anticipated software is considered crucial for the tech group’s survival as it confronts a looming White House ban on US companies selling technology products to Huawei which could remove its access to Google’s Android operating system.

Yu said the new system was a “future-oriented OS” to be “more smooth and secure”, which he said was “completely different from Android and iOS”. The OS will also support a wide range of app languages, including Android, Linux and HTML5. It will also be open source, allowing developers to modify it as they need to for their own hardware.

The first version of the OS would launch later this year in its smart screen products, which likely alludes to the Honor Smart TV. Over the next three years, it will be developed across a range of smart devices including wearable technology.

In terms of smartphones, there's still no sign of any of their OS being implemented as Huawei continues to depend on Android. But should push comes to shove, Yu states that migrating from Android to HarmonyOS will only take a few days.