Huawei jumps onto the Android gaming bandwagon with their Tron mini-console

OUYA ought to watch out, this mini-console has the Chinese snapping at its heels

We’re still a bit iffy about the whole Android gaming console concept but (check out our review of the OUYA) but apparently Huawei thinks it’s an area worth looking at judging from their Tron mini-console they’ve showed off at CES 2014.

The OUYA Competitor

Running on a skinned version of Android Jelly Bean version 4.2.3, the Tron mini-console consists of a cylindrical hub and a Bluetooth controller that looks like it took a couple of design pointers from the Xbox 360 team. Despite the movie inspired name though, we don’t see anything from the design that looks anything Tron-like. It would have been nice if there were some flashing blue neon lighting on it.

It’s kitted out with some decent specs too. Powered by the Tegra 4 chipset, the Tron has 2GB of RAM and will come in 16 and 32GB configurations. Don’t worry about saving space on it though, you’ll be able to buff up that small amount of space up to 64GB via a microSD slot located at the base of the console. There are also the usual suspects like Ethernet support, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 and WiFI. 4K video playback isn’t going to be an issue either as it does come with support for it.

Huawei hasn’t mentioned anything about pricing yet but it shouldn’t cost more than the US$99 price tag of the OUYA. For now it’s going to be a China only release in the second quarter of this year but Huawei did mention that they do have plans for market expansion. Let’s just hope that the Android gaming console concept doesn’t die out first before they push it out.

Source: Engadget