Huawei Has No Intention To Launch A Harmony OS Phone This Year

But Huawei remains on thin ice with the US

Well, it's official. Huawei has no intention to launch a smartphone with Harmony OS in the coming months. This from Vincent Yang, Huawei Senior VP, who spoke at a media event in New York who confirmed the Chinese company's decision and that the other smart products with the OS, like a television and a smartwatch, will be arriving at the market shelves before the end of 2019.

According to Yang, Huawei wants to “maintain one standard, one ecosystem”, so there is no way to have phones on different platforms. Harmony will serve as a backup variant if the situation between the United States and China worsens and the company is banned from trading with US partners.

Even so, the situation between Huawei and US remains on thin ice. The company is currently going through its second 90-day extension until there is a resolution in the ongoing trade war between the two economies. Initial expectations of the OS coming to the Mate 30 series can also be put to rest as it's more likely to come out with the Android OS. But who knows, especially given the uncertainty between the US and China.