Huawei Gives Full Refunds To Users Who Can't Access Google Or Facebook On Their Devices

This is only available in one Southeast Asian country though

Using a Huawei device and having trouble accessing Google or Facebook? Well, Huawei has accepted that the best thing to do is launch a full refund program for their smartphones and tablets. In the Philippines.

Yes, this "special warranty" is only available in the Philippines. Local media reported that dealers are offering the warranty on Huawei devices purchased until August and those eligible for the refund are those who can’t access apps like Play Store, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp. The one condition is that your phone should be bought within two years.

Considering that many people spend a lot of time on Google and Facebook currently, even playing a part in accessing to different services and sign up functions, the refund program seems like a very fair move by the retailers.

Huawei told a local outlet that "it’s an initiative of our distributors with our dealers." With such a warranty, the company is attempting to maintain its smartphone sales and boost customer’s confidence. According to Huawei Central, more than 30 partner retailers and distributors have participated in the program so far.

Huawei is currently the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world but is now losing ground to Apple and Samsung. Being cut off from Google and Facebook will not affect Hina for sure as these apps are already not available in the country, but half of Huawei’s sales are made outside of China and this is bound to have serious effects on Huawei’s overall revenue.

We shall have to see if such a program comes to Malaysia. So far there's been no reports of there being trouble accessing Google or Facebook, though personally I have noticed that I couldn't access google using HyppTV's web browser due to using a Huawei modem which is a small problem overall. But if you're one of those affected, best to let Huawei know and see if you can get a refund.