[UPDATE 2.0] Malaysian Retailers Also Offers Full Refund If Your Huawei Stops Running Google Apps

The beginning of the end for Huawei users.

Due to powers beyond their control, Huawei users might just lose their access to Google apps pretty soon. With the whole US-China trade war and tariffs ordeal, the ones who are truly losing out are the consumers themselves. That said, a local retailer aims to curb this disadvantage by offering full refunds for Huawei smartphones.

DirectD, a renowned Malaysian smartphone retailer, is offering refunds if your phone stops running any app by Google. From Gmail, to Google Drive, these apps have a limited lifespan on Huawei devices due to the ongoing legal battles between the U.S and China.

So if you’ve bought a Huawei phone from DirectD and your phone is still within the warranty period, you are entitled to this full refund. This makes DirectD the first local retailer to offer this full refund, following the steps that certain retailers in the Philippines that have begun to offer full refunds for consumers.

UPDATE: Now they're not the only ones to do so. Just recently, retailer Mobile2Go is also offering refunds for all Huawei smartphones bought at their retail outlets which fail to access Google apps. Based on their Facebook post, this refund is valid during the warranty period. Similar to DirectD, the campaign covers access to apps and Play Store, and there’s no mention of software updates.

UPDATE 2.0: More recently, online shopping platform Shopee is also letting consumers get refunds for their Huawei products. With the App Protection Warranty programme, with it Huawei users are able to seek a full refund from retailers should the Google Mobile Services fail to function as they should on the device within the valid manufacturer warranty period.

So far most of our readers have had no issues accessing Google apps so we will have to see if anyone takes advantage of this offer.

Of course this doesn’t mark the end for Huawei in Malaysia, at the very least we are still getting Huawei phones in Malaysia, and we are most likely to be getting the next line of their  smartphones too. In either case (and if you device is still eligible), be sure to get your refund once the purge sets in.