Huawei Confirms Phone Production Remains At Full Capacity

If you thought Huawei may be slowing down, well that turns out to be untrue

It may be a holiday for us here in Malaysia, but Huawei ain't taking a break even with all the issues they've been facing in the past month.

Rumours had been passing around that Huawei has cut off a part of its smartphone production over at Foxconn's plants in America, but there has been no information whether this is permanent or temporary until the US ban issue gets resolved. 

As it turns out though, the Chinese company has denied those claims, with an official Huawei spokesperson saying that production levels are normal without any adjustments in either direction.

One would think shutting down parts of production would ease the situation they're in. But based on our poll on Facebook and plenty of other markets have shown, Huawei remains as popular as ever so it makes sense that production has not eased one bit.

We shall have to see if this popularity remains once the Ark OS hits globally.