Huawei Begins Research on 6G

Gotta go fast into the future!

Huawei has been having trouble with the US Government, partly due to their 5G communication infrastructure that has lef the government worrying about security issues. This has caused certain governments to avoid using Huawei's equipment.

Well, it looks like Huawei remains undeterred and has already started looking into 6G.

The Chinese company is researching 6G at its R&D center in Ottawa, Canada, reports The Logic. It's definitely for the best, as 6G is only likely to become a reality in any meaningful sense around 2030. 5G has also yet to be fully implemented in most countries too.

Even with that said, they're not the first company to do so. About three months ago, we reported that Samsung has also started work on 6G. Even so, Samsung doesn't have the same sort of challenges Huawei has since it was Huawei that was blacklisted from the US Government. But then again, the concern for 6G is years away, so it's best to do what they can now.