HTC’s supposedly ditching its Hima Ace in place for the Desire A55

If you’ve been eyeing the alleged HTC One giant, prepare for some disappointment
HTC’s supposedly ditching its Hima Ace in place for the Desire A55

HTC’s got a slew of devices prepared for launch at the MWC 2015, or so we thought. Here’s a heads up – there might be a device that won’t be shown off in its full glory, and rumour has it that it’s the HTC Hima Ace aka the HTC One (M9) Plus.

According to famous leakster, @upleaks, the bigger version of the unofficial HTC One (M9) will not be making it to retail because the company has ditched the idea of launching it. In place of that unit, the source claims that you’ll be seeing the HTC Desire A55.

There isn’t any evidence to the claim by @upleaks, but if the Hima Ace does indeed get chopped from the company’s plans and replaced with a Desire member, it would mean that the One range will lose its one and only phablet (if it sees daylight that is).

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Sources have indicated that the HTC Desire A55 will be a spec-filled smartphone, but of a less luxurious build as compared to the alleged HTC Hima and Hima Ace. They suggest that even though they will both look similar, the build of the Desire A55 will be plastic instead of metal.  

Otherwise, it’s said to be a 5.5in unit that boasts a QHD display, MediaTek MT6795 octa-core 64-bit chipset, 32GB storage, a 20MP back snapper, and 3GB of RAM. It’s said to come in two variants – single SIM for EMEA markets and dual SIM for Asia.

It will apparently come in gray, white rose gold, and brown gold colours, in addition to having its own Dot View case. So if you were brimming with tears over news that the Hima Ace might be axed, maybe the idea of owning the Desire A55 will be somewhat comforting. 

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[Source: GSM Arena