HTC’s Double Exposure event: what to expect on 8 October

Update 08/10/14: From the Nexus 9 to an action camera, the possibilities are endless but don't expect a smartwatch at the New York launch event
HTC’s Double Exposure event: what to expect on 8 October

We hope you have marked 8 October on your calendars. If you haven’t, here’s why you’ll need to – HTC’s launching a new product (but we aren’t sure exactly what) in New York next week and it’s got something to do with double exposure.

So that leaves an endless possibility when speculating what the upcoming device could be. Here’s what might be made available to us in the coming days.

1. The Google Nexus 9 tablet

The Google Nexus 9 tablet

HTC made the first Nexus, and could be making the last too. That’s what a recent report from the Wall Street Journal indicated and apparently, HTC’s engineers have been working on this Nexus 9 tablet (codenamed Volantis) since the rumours sprouted.

It seems that this 8.9in tablet will boast a 2048 x 1440 display, housed within a 0.31in thick aluminium body that weighs 418g. It’s also said to contain 2GB of RAM, powered by Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor, an 8MP camera, and stereo front-facing speakers.

Likelihood: 97% - if that much spec detail has been leaked, you can probably place your bets on it.

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2. A smartphone codenamed “Eye”

A smartphone codenamed “Eye”

The name “Eye” might sound all mysterious and James Bond-ish, but take a good look at the official invite (above) and it might all fall into place – there’s two women using a smartphone to take a selfie/wefie. Compare that against leaks of a smartphone with a focus on the camera, and they fit like a jigsaw puzzle.

Unfortunately, there’s been information of its 5.2in display, 1080 x 1920 resolution, quad-core Krait CPU, and even its Snapdragon 801 chipset but none about the actual camera that will sit on the purported smartphone.    

Likelihood: 95% - going by the official invite HTC’s sent us that suggests imaging technology on a smartphone, the literal translation of a mobile phone coming is possible.

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3. An action camera named RECamera

An action camera named RECamera

We’re thinking along the lines of imaging alone with this one. And considering the fact that this source comes directly from HTC (it’s pulled it since then), the notion of the Taiwanese manufacturer launching its very first GoPro-like camera is plausible.

Going by the pictures leaked, it looks as if it’ll be a 16MP “tube-shaped” camera that has the ability to connect to Android and iOS smartphones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  

Likelihood: 85% - we’re giving it a higher percentage because they’re snaps from HTC’s own unpublicised RECamera site (which has since been pulled).

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4. A smartwatch

A smartwatch

Sources have claimed it’s making it, then it’s not, and now they say it’s back to making it again. With the news of an alleged HTC smartphone flipping on either sides of the coin, it’s hard to get our hopes high of it arriving.

Update 08/10/14: Nope, we'll most definitely won't be seeing a smartwatch at the HTC event. The Taiwanese company, speaking to Recode, admits that it's still not ready to pull the trigger for its wearable launch. But hey, never say never. We'll just re-adjust the likelihood of the smartwatch's appearance.

Likelihood: 10% - we’re sitting on the fence with this one, just like what sources say HTC’s doing.

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