HTC working on tablet keyboard like the Surface Type

Apparently Google keen on making Android tablets have more utility
HTC working on tablet keyboard like the Surface Type

What seems to be sketches of the next Nexus tablet, which will be made by HTC this time around, show an interesting accessory - a keyboard cover. It looks a lot like Microsoft's keyboard for the Surface, which incorporated keys into the device's case.

Keyboard folios are not exactly new accessories. Logitech and the like have created keyboard cases for the iPad as well as for Android tablets but having accessories created alongside the device by the same manufacturer is new for the Google Nexus. With Microsoft's Surface 3 finally evolving into the tablet that will be most useful in the workplace, this could be an attempt by Google to appeal to the market who would like to be able to leave their laptops at home.

Can't run away from Bluetooth

HTC working on tablet keyboard like the Surface Type

The keyboard itself will be connected to the tablet via Bluetooth and will likely be powered by its own onboard 450mAh battery. Said battery will be chargeable by a port on its side with an indicator light to denote its current charge status.

Magnets will also be incorporated into the case to emulate the iPad smart cover, which will help turn off the screen when the cover touches the display and the segmented portion of the case will help prop the tablet up during use.

Whether the keyboard will come as standard with the Nexus tablet is unknown so far though it's more likely the tablet will be sold alone with the cases as optional accessories, much like how the iPad and Surface tablets are sold.

Measuring 228 x 320 x 5 mm, the keyboard will be very slim and makes us wonder just how tactile the keys will be. Will they be as flat as Microsoft's Touch cover of feel more separated as the keys of the Microsoft Type cover? Would the keyboard be as pricey as Microsoft's? But what's certain is that the accessory will make the Nexus a more attractive buy.

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[Source: The Verge]