HTC Vive Focus Plus is The Standalone VR Headset for 2019

Still made for business users though

The initial HTC Vive Focus was a premium standalone headset first launched in China before being releasing globally in late 2018, however it was only for enterprise customers. Now, HTC has announced the Vive Focus Plus - an upgraded model with more intuitive tracking and controllers but… it remains targeted at business users.

The main change from the non-Plus version is support for dual six degrees of freedom controllers which allows for tracking of two hands simultaneously as a user is moving in a true 3D space. The Focus Plus comes with two ultrasonic controllers, which includes an analog trigger for that receives pressure-sensitive input that HTC is hoping developers will use to increase the immerse with squeezing or holding gestures.


Other features include better ergonomics for improved comfort, plus full enterprise support with professional features like multi-device management tools, a kiosk mode, gaze control and finally, support for 19 languages. The Focus Plus will still retain the Snapdragon 835 processor from the original.

The Vive Focus Plus will be shipped in the second quarter of 2019, however details on its pricing are yet to be revealed. The purchase will come with a free enterprise license “in most markets”.