HTC’s Modular VR System VIVE Cosmos Now Available For Pre-Order In Malaysia

Officially launching on 2 October at MYR 3699

HTC VIVE recently announced the new VIVE COSMOS; featuring a virtual reality (VR) system with a new level of accessibility and ease of use that is designed to grow with users over time through a modular faceplate design. This modular setup can change the functionality of the headset by adding modules such as the newly announced Vive Cosmos External Tracking Mod. 


Cosmos features a 2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution with six camera sensors for wide and accurate inside-out tracking.  All-new LCD panels reduce the distance between pixels and, combined with real RGB displays, minimise the screen-door effect. Additionally, the unique flip-up design allows users to jump between reality and virtual reality in seconds without disrupting VR journeys. The well-designed ergonomics and comfort will give you extended VR experiences, while the integrated on-ear headphones provide a fully immersive experience. Cosmos is also compatible with the Vive Wireless Adapter for those who want to enjoy moving in VR without being tethered.


With a modular faceplate design, Vive Cosmos is the most versatile premium VR headset yet, designed with upcoming accessories to change the functionality of the headset. The first official “mod” announced is the Vive Cosmos External Tracking Mod for customers that want to continue to use their existing Lighthouse base stations for tracking scenarios, while taking advantage of the superior performance of Vive Cosmos. This first base station-compatible mod supports Vive’s ecosystem of peripherals including the Vive Tracker; delivering unprecedented input freedom for VR controls. This new mod will be made available to the public in Q1 of 2020

Vive Cosmos is the VR headset that packs a powerful content punch right out of the gate with an included 12-month Viveport Infinity subscription during the pre-order period, saving you thousands of ringgit. Every customer who pre-orders their Cosmos by October 2 will receive a 12- month Viveport Infinity redemption code in their box. Viveport Infinity gives unlimited access to hundreds of top-rated VR apps, games, and videos like A Fisherman’s Tale, Fujii, and Ninja Legends, as well as premium videos from top brands like GoPro, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet.

Cosmos offers an out-of-box experience that is easy to set-up and launch into virtual worlds using the new Vive Reality System. Vive Cosmos is the first headset to offer the Vive Reality System, a reimagined core software experience for Vive. The Vive Reality System is an entirely new design philosophy for VR, offering an extension of life to make VR feel less like launching apps and more like stepping between worlds. Cosmos will feature a redesigned user interface called Lens to easily navigate XR and Viveport Infinity applications, and a new, dynamic home space called Origin. The Origin space is the launchpad for VR applications and interactive experiences that will grow over time.

Cosmos will launch on October 4 at MYR3,699, with pre-orders available now on, Lazada and Shopee. Pre-order freebies include a 12-month VIVEport Infinity subscription & a shooting game (AEON). 


The product will be available on the shelves on launch day at major IT retailers such as All IT Hypermarket, Impulse Internet Café, PC Image, Thunder Match, Top Marco. For more information, please visit their website: