HTC U11 Plus: Everything we know so far

HTC eyes a taller-screened upgrade to the great U11

HTC's U11 was one of our favourite phones from earlier this year, packing in an excellent camera, top-of-the-line specs, and cool pressure-sensitive sides – but it's been a bit forgotten since.

With the continued dominance of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and more importantly the debut of hot handsets like the OnePlus 5, Google Pixel 2 XL, and upcoming Apple iPhone X, the U11 (shown above) hasn't had much buzz of late. But HTC might be fixin' to upgrade the line with a brand new Plus edition.

Leaks and reports suggest a phone that keeps some of the original U11's DNA, but also works in elements from other recent Android flagships – like a super-tall screen and a larger battery. And we might see it next week at HTC's 2 November event. Here's what we're expecting.

How much will the HTC U11 Plus cost?

The £649 base price for the standard HTC U11 certainly wasn't cheap, but it also isn't on the top end of smartphone prices – especially as we've seen even more larger, screen-centric devices launch in recent months.

It's the "Plus" model, so we expect there to be some kind of price bump. Putting it in the RM3000+ range would have it close to the base price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus, so that seems like a reasonable expectation here for HTC.

Fact or fiction?

Sounds right to us. There aren't any real details out there about pricing, but that kind of price level just makes sense – unless HTC wants to aim lower and challenge the OnePlus 5 instead. Doubtful.

What about the HTC U11 Plus' screen?

As the leaked render shows, the U11 Plus seems to be heavy on screen on the front, with an extra-tall display at 18:9 resolution. And the leaks claim that it'll be a 6in panel.

That's a pretty sizable screen, although the extended dimensions mean it shouldn't feel as massive as a 16:9 phone would be at 6in. However, unlike the AMOLED screens we've seen on some other phones with these taller-than-average screens, this 2880x1440 panel is expected to be an LCD. That means you'll lose the killer contrast and deeper blacks of OLED.

Fact or fiction?

The U11 also used an LCD (IPS) display, so that could show a trend at play for HTC. It'll be a shame to skip out on OLED screens since they're becoming more desired; even Apple is using one for the iPhone X. But a Quad HD LCD screen should still be pretty gorgeous.