HTC teases improved low-light performance for the HTC One M8

Video hints at a better UltraPixel camera, but it's keeping us in the dark about the details
HTC teases improved low-light performance for the HTC One M8

Good job, HTC. Teasing everyone with another video about the upcoming HTC One M8, follow-up to the most desirable phone in the world.

We get it. Last year's HTC One was equipped with a custom 4MP 'UltraPixel' image sensor composed of fewer but larger-than-normal 2.0 micrometer pixels which distinguises it from... you know what, we'll say what the guy said - it's awesome for low-light photography.

Dodgy-looking dude in black not included.

On the other hand, having a resolution of just 4MP means you can't blow up the photos before the lack of detail is evident, so we had mixed feelings about the strategy in our HTC One review. Let's hope the M8's version of UltraPixel packs a few more ultrapixels.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't give much away - like its first and second video, the details are all there, but HTC censored everything related to its 2014 flagship smartphone.

Is it all just hype? We'll know more on 25th March, when we bring you the news live from New York and London.

Source: SlashGear

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