HTC rolling out apps to all Android phones

You'll now be able to download the likes of the Zoe video creator app even if you use a rival Android phone
What HTC Zoe would look like on a Samsung Galaxy S5

HTC's Sense Android skin is one of the best out there, and now some of its features are set to make their way over to other Android phones.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has set up a new business unit, HTC Creative Labs, to develop apps for Android phones – and its first creation is Zoe, a video creation app that's available as part of its suite of features on the HTC One (M8).

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Zoe lets you select a compilation of up to 16 video clips and still images; pick a theme and music track, and it'll spit out a 30-second highlight video. It's no iMovie; editing options are limited to picking which clips top and tail your video, and you can't select what order your clips appear in.

Naturally, HTC has designs on the space filled by Vine and Instagram – it envisions Zoe as a social network built around shared media. You'll be able to let other users edit and remix your Zoe clips, adding new pics and videos.

Part of the rationale for setting up the HTC Creative Labs group is that stock Android has become more user-friendly; there's less need for manufacturers to add software on top to differentiate their product. “Android doesn’t need as much fixing anymore, to be honest,” Drew Bamford, head of HTC’s user interface team, tells

There's no word yet on what the HTC Creative Labs group will be bringing to the wider Android world next, but we'd cast our vote for BlinkFeed, the much-loved rolling news-and-social-posts service that most HTC users can't live without.