HTC plans to use your phone for good while you sleep

Your quad-core monster could be used, along with millions of others, to crack scientific mysteries
HTC Power To Give app

It might be another month before HTC announces its new flagship phone, but Henry's T-shirts and Coats still had plenty to talk about today - a very pleasant-looking mid-range phone in the form of the Desire 816 plus something a little different: the world's largest volunteer computing project.

Volunteer computing is a way of linking together home computers to perform massive tasks. It's been used for years in projects like [email protected], which combines thousands of home PCs to look for signs of life in the sky, and others that use large networks of home PCs, games consoles and graphics cards to work as supercomputers, turning their enormous collective power to thorny problems such as climate modelling, medical research and astronomy.

HTC Power To Give is the first time the increasingly powerful innards of smartphones have been used to create a distributed supercomputer, and it could be a monster - phones are so numerous that if everyone who buys HTC's latest models signs up, it'll have more number-crunching power than the world's largest supercomputer. And it doesn't look like there would be much of a reason not to sign up - HTC says it won’t run down your battery or use up your data, presumably because it runs while at night when your phone’s charging.

Check out the video above for more info on the project and, if you're as excited about us about the forthcoming HTC One Plus, keep your screen glued to for all the details on that when we have it.

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