HTC One X and One X+ stuck on Android 4.2

Tough luck if you’re using HTC’s 2012 models - no more Android update loving from the Taiwanese firm
HTC One X and One X+ stuck on Android 4.2

Is that a HTC One X or One X+ you’re holding? We got some bad news for you - it’s going to be stuck on Android 4.2. Forever.

Last week, the company confirmed on its Twitter account that the 2012 models will no longer receive further Android updates.

As expected, users weren’t thrilled with this announcement. Short of sending death threats to the company, the level of disappointment at HTC’s update roadmap is going to haunt the Taiwanese company, amidst its struggle against Apple and Samsung.

Still, it’s not rare for companies to stop Android updates for two-year old devices. Even Google's Galaxy Nexus, launched in 2012, didn't receive the latest KitKat update. That, and Google has announced that devices falling outside of the 18-month update window won’t receive its newest dessert-themed software.

Let’s see if HTC has an ace in the hole during Mobile World Congress to keep long-time users happy.

[Source: HTC UK]