HTC One joins the gold rush

It looks like gold is the new black – HTC's set to follow in the footsteps of the iPhone 5S with a gold HTC One

It looks like HTC is joining Apple in going for gold.

Hot on the heels of the recently unveiled gold iPhone 5S, components from the HTC One have appeared in a gold finish on website New Cell Phone.

Considering HTC has recently added Glamour Red and blue paintjobs to the original black and silver HTC One, it makes sense for the Taiwanese company to add this year's hot smartphone colour to its line-up. If nothing else, it'll help to entice people who are rather taken by the new iPhone's style but prefer the way of the Android.

While it's entirely possible that the phone's colouration is just the result of dodgy lighting, it looks pretty convincing. An HTC spokesperson says that a gold HTC One has not been confirmed, though – so those of you who crave a Midas touch will have to wait patiently. Or perhaps invest in some masking tape and a spray can.

[New Cell Phone via NDTV Gadgets]