The HTC Desire 820 is most likely on its way

HTC’s posted a teaser with “820” on it
The HTC Desire 820 is most likely on its way

Asus, Motorola, and Microsoft, amongst other tech vendors, have scheduled to out an assortment of devices during or leading up to IFA 2014. And now, HTC’s jumped on the bandwagon too.

HTC’s only recently released its One (M8) and One (E8) in Singapore, and has just announced the HTC Butterfly 2, but that’s not stopping the company from rolling out more this year.

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer’s posted a teaser image on its Weibo account (which is a strong indication that the device will be made available in China), showing nothing more than six images – of lightning, a rocket, a speedboat, racecar, eagle, and cheetah – with the numbers 820 embossed on it.

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That’s what led sources to believe that the device it’s yet to launch will be the Desire 820. And as for the six snaps, we think they represent the speed of the device, perhaps a reference to the device supporting LTE speeds.

Regardless of the fact that the teaser doesn’t make anything else of the device obvious (yep, no clues to its looks or specifications), a set of rumours have emerged that the smartphone will be arriving with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 615 SoC packing a 64-bit octa-core CPU (four 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53 cores and four 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53 cores) and Adreno 405 GPU.

In addition to that, the image did not specify a launch date. We think with IFA 2014 around the corner, it'll be unveiled at the event in Berlin, or during the days leading up to it. We’ll be at IFA to confirm or debunk the rumours, so stay tuned.

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[Source: GSM Arena, image: HTC's Weibo page]