HTC 'accidentally' reveals smartwatch in official video

"Whoops, we didn't mean to leave our new smartwatch casually lying around," says HTC, unconvincingly
HTC Smartwatch

HTC likes to show off its phones, but a recent design video from the company may have revealed something else entirely.

In the video, which was released on 9 July on HTC's official YouTube channel, a square watch face can be seen; it looks likely that it's HTC's new smartwatch, which the company has claimed will launch this year.

The watch appears at the 35 and 43 second marks of the video. The first shot shows the device sitting on a designer’s desk, and the second is of a render of the watch on the designer’s computer screen.

The watch seen in the video looks very similar to recent leaks by @evleaks; both the leaked image and the shots in the video suggest that the design will be similar to the squared-off LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live rather than the round face of Motorola’s Moto 360.

The video also shows a dock for the watch, which could just be for display purposes, but we’d like to think it serves a second purpose. Wireless charging, anyone?

Whilst HTC hasn’t given us much to go on with regards to their new smartwatch other then it will run Google's Android Wear (unsurprisingly), we wouldn’t be shocked if it ends up looking like the prototype seen in the video.

It seems unlikely that the company would leave it for all to see in a “behind the scenes” design video if it wasn’t. Once? Maybe. Twice? That's no mistake.

[Source: Android Central]

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