HP's special edition Star Wars laptop brings the dark side to your PC

It's covered head-to-toe in movie imagery and comes with perks

HP had a couple of big announcements yesterday, including a gorgeously curved 34in all-in-one PC and a new Surface-like convertible with a metal kickstand. But there was one more revelation that'll be of interest to Star Wars die-hards.

And we really, really mean die-hards. The HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook covers nearly every inch of the laptop with imagery from the beloved sci-fi film franchise, with an emphasis on the dark side of The Force. One exception: the trackpad design of a Death Star corridor, which recalls its explosive defeat... but it looks very cool, all the same.

Even the glowing red light from beneath the keys matches the theme well, but the Star Wars branding goes beyond the hardware. You'll also find a treasure trove of Star Wars content on the hard drive, including wallpapers, 1,100+ pieces of concept art, storyboard images, and R2-D2 and lightsaber-themed sound schemes for notifications and the like.

In other words, it really is that nerdy. But hey, no judgments: if you love Star Wars and want to show it, go ahead and revel in this all-over tribute in the form of a Windows 10 laptop.

It's slated to go on sale on 8 November, at least in the States, and starts at US$700 (about RM3000) - although it's not clear yet what you'll get for that price. You can choose from Core i5 and i7 processors, up to 12GB RAM and 2TB of storage, and optional touch functionality on the 15in 1080p screen. Sadly, there's no option to add the original trilogy without George Lucas' later tweaks.

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