HP Envy Recline PCs bring touchscreen desktops into your lap

Serious hingery let HP's latest Windows 8 machines morph into the world's first lap-desktops
HP Envy Recline

Humans already have a multipoint hinge called a 'neck', but we'd rather our PCs did the contortions necessary to give us a good view of the internet.

Which is why we're looking forward to HP's new Recline range - a trio of touchscreen PCs that can pivot anywhere in a vertical plane, even down into your lap.

Looking not unlike reinvented Apple iMac G4s, the HP Envy Recline 23 and 27 can be pulled below the level of your desk or laid completely flat. Why? HP sees the screen being useful for gaming, allowing you to lord it over troops in Battlefield 4's commander view or, um, play family board games.

The desktops have solid spec lists, including 1080p displays, Intel Core i-series processors and up to 16GB RAM. There's also a special Beats version of the 23in version with driven dual speakers for beefed-up audio. 

It's all a big improvement over the original Touchsmart and its arm-sapping, inflexible screen. Pricing and availability for the Envy 23, Envy 27 and Recline 23 Beats Edition for Malaysia are currently unavailable.