This is how your eyes will unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

All your secret spy dreams are about to come true

One of our favourite leaks going around about the Galaxy Note 7 is the addition of a brand new iris scanner.

The image revealed on Weibo shows just how you’ll be using it with the device, recommending that users hold the phone 25 to 35cm away and look at the two circles on the screen.

Yet more information has appeared online following that revelation. This time displaying the limitations of that cool new eye tech. From the list, it looks like the iris scanner may not work if you’re wearing glasses or contact lenses. But we are going to reserve judgement until we try it for ourselves. Reason being this tech isn’t new.

Chinese smartphones like the Vivo X5 Pro and ZTE Grand S3 have long implemented this feature and the latter has worked for us even while we were wearing contact lenses. We'll just have to wait and see. 

Whether you'll be embracing eye-unlocking your phone remains to be seen as it appears that fingerprints are still the preferred digital keys to smartphones. But given how much essential information we pack into our smartphones nowadays, it could very well take the might of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 to make the security of iris scanning truly mainstream. 

Source: Android Authority