How to run faster with no training: step 1 - wear a jetpack

What could possibly go wrong?
How to run faster with no training: step 1 - strap on a jetpack

Rocket boots. They're an idea that every bright-eyed child has conjured up at at some point, long before the crushing responsibilities  of adulthood shattered their visions with issues like 'the laws of physics' and 'safety'.

Thankfully, some of those children have grown up and are now at Arizona State University, and while rocket boots are still a way off, they've still managed to create a jetpack to help you run faster.

The 4MM (four minute mile) project consists of a miniature 5kg jetpack which is strapped to a runner's lower back, and it's angled to propel users forward, increasing their forward momentum.

Not only does this increase natural running speeds, but it also decreases the energy requirements of a non-assisted run.

In testing, one runner shaved 18 seconds off his 5min 20sec mile time by using the jetpack. While not massively faster on paper, it could be the difference between life and death in military scenarios, which is one of the potential use cases.

It's still in its early development stage, but we're just glad there are people out there working on ways to increase our athleticism without us actually having to train.

Now if only they'd combine it with roller-skates...

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