This is how much the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will cost you in Malaysia

Prices and availability for the new Galaxy Note, all in one place

The world has been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - and what a powerful feature-filled phablet it is.

The Infinity Display from the Galaxy S8 makes its Note debut for near-zero bezels, plus more cool stuff you can use your S Pen with, and the first dual camera Samsung phone. On the rear is a pair of wide angle and telephoto 12MP cameras with Dual Pixel tech, OIS and background blur control - either before of after your shot.

And we haven’t even gotten to the quick App Pair shortcut to open your two favourite apps split-screen, or the generous new features added to the Samsung DeX when the Galaxy Note 8 is plugged in.

Are you pumped up and ready to own the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Read this first before you make the plunge:

How much will it cost?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 arrives officially in Malaysia 15 September at RM3999 in of these three colours Midnight Black, Maple Gold and Orchid Gray (time will tell when the blue model arrives).

But if you drop RM300 to pre-order the device from 5 September, you will enjoy a host of savings and rewards worth RM888 in total. There’s even an EPP plan available at all Samsung Experience Stores.

Why should I pre-order?

Firstly, there’s a big cash rebate - RM321 worth, that brings the phone price down to RM3678, and an extra wad of cash to last you a few months worth of Starbucks.

You also the following absolutely free - a 5100mAh battery pack, a clear cover (in-box) and the Samsung Protection Plus plan worth RM298. What’s in this protection scheme? An extra one year extended warranty for any mechanical or electrical breakdowns affecting your Galaxy Note 8, plus a one-time free screen replacement anytime your new galaxy Note 8 screen cracks in one year.

I love a good telco deal

You’re ready to make the jump to the Galaxy Note 8 with your favourite telco of choice. Great!

Maxis has yet to announce their plans, but you could sign up for a Maxis Online ID to pre-order if you haven't done so. 

Digi has Digi Postpaid 78, 108 and 138 plans, with the phone itself starting from RM2268 on the most expensive plan, and totalling RM3526 upon checkout. 

Celcom should be posting their plans soon, check back for updates.

U Mobile has the UD60, UD90 and UD130 plans, with the phone from RM1819 on the most expensive plan. No matter which monthly plan you pick, you'll be paying RM2779 upon registration. 

YES offers two plans, Postpaid 88 and Postpaid 128, both plans setting you back RM3499 in total (phone price is RM1899 on Postpaid 128 without counting the upfront payment).