How do you use Apple Pay with Apple Watch? Eddy Cue has the answer

We would care a lot more if Apple Pay was actually available outside of the States

Apple Pay isn’t coming. Yet. But Apple’s smartwatch is, and it’ll make you wish Apple Pay is available right now.

Eddy Cue, an Apple executive that needs no introduction, revealed some juicy details about how the Apple Watch, specifically its wireless payment feature, works. According to Cue, you won’t even need to whip out an iPhone to use Apple Pay if the smartwatch is linked to the smartphone.

So what’s stopping someone from stealing your Apple Watch and going on a shopping spree under your credit? The smartwatch’s health sensor is smart enough to detect when it’s on or off your wrist."You don't have to authenticate on the phone," said Cue to reporters at an NBA game. "Your watch has to be unlocked, and your phone can unlock your watch." He added, "If I took my watch off and gave it to you, it would know and no longer work. If I wanted to pay right now, I could pay with the watch and not have to take the phone out of my pocket."

The thought of just flicking your wrist to pay is also very reassuring. Who knows what’ll happen when you take the phone out and tap to pay? Those few seconds could mean life or death for your phone, if it slips and falls screen down onto a concrete floor.

That said, payment isn’t done until you tap a button on the Apple Watch’s side to confirm it, said Cue. So it's not exactly a fuss-free process, but it beats digging through your pockets for the cash. What’s also known now is that with the most recent iPhone 6 and 6 Plus or iPhone 5S, Apple Watch will tap into Touch ID to unlock and make the payments. With the earlier iPhone 5 and 5C, a PIN code, which can be entered on the phone or smartwatch, will be used to unlock the Apple Watch for payment.

More details of the Apple Watch will be made known in a few hours. And it wouldn’t hurt to follow our live updates as and when Apple dishes out the full details later tonight.

[Source: The Verge]

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