How to check if your Galaxy Note 7 has battery issues

Online IMEI checker will help identify vulnerable units

If you're still hesitant about returning your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for whatever reason, just check out Samsung's own page that will let you know if your unit is affected.


Simple matter of checking your IMEI

All you need to do is check your IMEI number and head to the Samsung IMEI checker for the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung helpfully explains to customers where to find the IMEI: just head to Apps>Settings>About Phone or General Management>Status>IMEI information or serial number. You can also look for the IMEI on the back of your phone.

Once you've procured your IMEI number then just enter it without spaces into the IMEI checker

The Samsung+ app (downloadable on Google Play) can also help determine whether your device is targeted in the global recall.

Another step Samsung has done is to tweak the battery indicator for Galaxy Note 7s. Future non-exploding models will have a green battery indicator instead of the traditional white.

Despite the widespread coverage of the Galaxy Note 7's battery volatility, there are still Galaxy Note 7 users too stubborn to return their phones. Let's hope they surrender their phones eventually before we see another headline of something or someone catching fire, all because they couldn't give up their shiny device.

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