Hot off the App Store, Enlight makes photo editing as simple as swiping

App is as close as you can get to a simplified Photoshop on your iPhone

Yes, image editing apps are a dime a dozen on the App Store these days. So why make a big deal about the next newcomer, Enlight?

Because it boasts on that it's "every photo app you’ve ever needed, wanted, or dreamed of - combined into one powerful, beautifully designed photo editor."

iOS-only (sorry, everybody else), the app offers simplicity to the whole process of fine-tuning photos. The company behind it, Lightricks, also happens to be makers of popular and dummy-proof selfie editor Facetune.

The one app to rule them all

The app might appeal to those with 16GB iPhones who want more features without needing to install a bunch of apps. In that vein, Enlight is pretty appealing.

There's, of course, the bread and butter cropping and touchups. But the unique feature of the app is how everything is tweaked via sliders. Choose one of the many filters or presets, create your own, save them and just swipe left or right. Enlight also includes built-in masking to blend effects so you can combine a bunch of filters without it looking amateurish.

Lovers of black and white photography will like the many presets included. Other fun add-ons include being able to add paint and sketch effects as well as text, frames, decals as well as a photo mixer that can combine two photos for a double exposure effect. There's also autosaving a photo session, which you can return to later and also the ability to choose what export quality you want your finished work to be, even supporting lossless format.

It's currently on the App Store at a 50 per cent discount (US$3.99).