The Honor Smart TV Will Be The First Device To Have Harmony OS

This will be the first device to launch with Huawei's own OS

As we're all eager to test out Huawei's very own OS systems, it turns out that their Harmony OS will actually be unveiled in Huawei's first Smart TV. Since it’s expected to launch in August, this will be the very first device to run Huawei’s own OS.

The Smart TV will launch under the Honor brand and the first model will have a 55" screen. It will work as a hub for Huawei’s smart home system in addition to being an entertainment platform. The added functionality is needed as the Chinese people have moved away from the big screen and are focusing on their phones. In fact, the number of people watching TV has declined significantly in recent years.

The President of the Honor brand has stated that the company is aiming to win back some consumers by leveraging its experience in building smartphones to make a better TV. However, he did not officially confirm that the OS that the TV will be running will really be Harmony.

If nothing else, this will help the Harmony OS team iron out any bugs before the first phone launch and may even kickstart app development. Whatever it is, here's hoping it turns out to be a dependable OS.