Honor 9X Pro’s Low-Light Camera Teased, Conveniently Followed By Leaked Samples

The leaked samples impresses more than the actual photos used in the teasers

Not long now until Honor officially launch their first smartphone to feature a pop-up selfie camera with the Honor 9X series. To build hype for its launch, Huawei’s subsidiary company wasn’t shy to tease several details of the phone, with the latest set of teasers focusing on its triple camera’s low-light performance.

Usually, teaser photos are always questionable on its authenticity - reason being that most smartphone companies tend to over exaggerate this form of marketting with heavily edited DSLR captured photos while claiming it to originate from their smartphone’s camera instead. However, in an interesting turn of events, leaked photo samples allegedly taken by the Honor 9X Pro has surfaced on Weibo, which showcases impressive results from its low-light features.

These images display impressive details in low-light where sharpness, highlights, shadows, and colour are enhanced. At the same time, one limitation is apparent in the first photo of the alley where motion blurring is seen on the walking pedestrians, which means the camera is still relying on a lower shutter speed in order to capture enough light. The snow skiing image featured in the Honor 9X Pro teaser requires a fast shutter speed to achieve that shot. Thus, debunking that it is highly unlikely that it was captured by the smartphone’s camera. Yeah, I’m that guy.

Regardless, the leaked sample images does show promise for Honor’s latest mid-range if they are true. The 9X and 9X Pro are expected to feature the same 48MP and 2MP cameras, while a third 8MP wide-angle is exclusive to the 9X Pro variant. Both phones are powered by the Kirin 810 chipset, 6.59-inch LCD FHD+ display, 3,900 mAh battery, and a 24MP pop-up selfie camera. The Honor 9X series will be launching in China first on July 23 2019, and no global announcement has been made just yet.