The Honor 6X is around RM1300 of flagship-worrying telephony

It's a bargain wrapped up in a steal, acting all frugal

Wait, there’s a new Pixel phone already?

OK, so there’s more than a whiff of Google’s flagship about the new 6X’s design - but there’s one thing that won’t have the two confused: the price. Where the search giant’s mobile will set you back at least £599 (RM3300), the latest Honor handset will hit shelves at a around RM1300.

So it’s rubbish then?

New year, same old cynicism? Anyway, no - it’s actually pretty darn good. Think: an octa-core chip paired with stacks of RAM and a 3,340mAh battery that’ll see you through more than two days of use. Better still, it’s all crammed in an aluminium shell to make your iPhone jealous.

There’s more to a cracking phone than the specs, though.

You’re right, of course. Thankfully, Honor reckons the 6X has the everyday performance and usability to match its on-paper credibility. It’ll unlock in 0.3 seconds, for example, so your thumbs won’t be kept waiting, whilst the fingerprint scanner keeps things speedy with shortcuts for selfies, alarms and more.

Whether they’ll work in practice will have to wait until we review it...

That all sounds swell, but can it take a sharp snap on a dark night in Twickenham?

Someone’s a bit demanding today. But, yes, it should be able to, thanks to a dual-lens setup which pairs a 12MP autofocus sensor with a 2MP secondary snapper. Clever pixel-isolation technology is supposed to reduce low-light blur, too, whilst Phase Detection smarts should see focus fixed in less than half a second.

Honor must have scrimped on the screen, then?

It would seem not. Sure, with a Full HD resolution spread over a 5.5in display, it could be sharper - but that’s probably why the battery life is so darn good. It’s also got a blue light filter, so no more disturbed dreams.

I’m tempted - but will it break when it inevitably tumbles from my clumsy paws?

Well, there’s always a chance - though the 6X’s shell has been anodised twice for extra scratch-resistance, so it’s no leaf. Want one? Stick around to find out its local price and availability, coming soon!