Hongmeng OS Not An Android Replacement According To Huawei Chairman

With that, we assume Huawei is just as confused as we are.

When the whole U.S.A - China trade war began, Huawei became one of the first casualties, losing out on the American market share and potentially losing Android from being their main operating system. Losing Android would’ve been a big blow to Huawei and soon, talks of their own smartphone operating came to surface. However, now it seems that their OS, Hongmeng, was never intended to be for smartphones.

According to a recent statement by Huawei company chairman Liang Hua: ”The Hongmeng OS is primarily developed for IoT devices that will reduce latency… In terms of smartphones, we are still using the Android operating system and ecosystem as a ‘first choice.’ We haven’t decided yet if the Hongmeng OS can be developed as a smartphone operating system in the future.” This came right as the Trump Administration began easing on the bans and regulations they’ve had on the company.

Hongmeng has been an elusive news story for the past few months, from being known as Ark OS for a while, to claims of it being 60% faster than Android, and even getting trademarked here in Malaysia, it truly seems like Huawei was going all-in with this new operating system. They’ve even claimed that over a million smartphones with said operating systems have been shipped. On a side note, German tech site LetsGoDigital notes that through European trademark filings, Hongmeng might just get a name change in the region to “Harmony”, so time will tell if that will actually be the case.

So have the recent restriction lifts changed the decision of Hongmeng being their own OS? Will the Mate 30 stick to Android like its predecessors? Even Forbes notes how unclear the company is to the whole ordeal. In any case, what seems clear is that Hongmeng OS was more of a backup plan for the company, a Plan B if the restrictions and bans cemented the loss of Android as their main OS.

Despite all the trials and tribulations of the past months that have wrought the company and their elusive OS, South China Morning Post had noted that Huawei’s sales has increased exponentially. In any case, it seems that we’ll be seeing Hongmeng on the company’s Internet of Things devices and hopefully this means the Mate 30 will continue using Android.