Honestbee Is Suspending Operations In Malaysia

The company has also suspended operations in Japan and Philippines

Despite promises months before that the company will keep going, it looks like honestbee just can't keep up as they sent emails out to announce honestbee Malaysia's suspension to their clients. 

Based on their email, honestbee Malaysia's suspension of operations in food delivery services will take effect this coming Monday, 22 July 2019. Which means there will no longer be any delivery slots until further notice. An FB message sent to their official Facebook page has also confirmed the suspension but insists that it is temporary. Final orders can be made until tomorrow, 19/7/2019.

The worse part of the email though is the fact that they are not able to fulfill their financial commitments to clients, as the company owes thousands of Ringgit to their clients. One such client is Jibril, who has been trying to contact honestbee for the past few months to no avail, and to only get this email in return. This financial issue may also encompass drivers and delivery people from honestbee.

Based on a statement made to The Star, it is due to these financial commitments that they're suspending operations. “After a strategic review of our company’s businesses, our headquarters in Singapore has made a firm decision to temporarily suspend our operations in Malaysia. This is to ensure we can meet our financial commitments to our merchants, partners and suppliers as we carefully review the future of our operations.”

"The suspension will have no effect on full time employees at Honestbee Malaysia, while riders and shopper Bees “currently working with us will have the option to pursue other career paths when the opportunity arises, but most certainly be welcomed to rejoin the course of our business when we restore operations”, the company stated. 

For customers who have purchased plans under beehive, an Honestbee subscription plan that comes with buy one-free one offers to dine-in at selected restaurants, the company said it will contact them to offer refunds, adding that no new deals will be announced during the temporary suspension period.

Back in April, honestbee announced that it will cut 10 per cent of its global headcount and suspend some of its international operations in the seven countries where it operates apart from Singapore. It already no longer services Hong Kong and Indonesia. While its Thailand food business will also be closing down and its presence in Japan and the Philippines will be suspended. Even their services in Singapore has been suspended.

Now it looks like Malaysia has been added to its list of those suspended too. 

While suspension does not mean that the company is gone for good, it's still questionable on whether or not the company can recover from their losses and come back stronger than ever. Hopefully this round they can maintain their name of being honest too.