Hold on tight to your Nexus 5, because Google might not make more beyond Q1 2015

While Google says the phone will keep selling but stays mum on whether it's still making it right now
Nexus 5 stock dwindles, Google only confirms availability until Q1 2015

There was a lot of buzz online about the Nexus 5's production being stopped with Tech Radar apparently quoting a Google spokesperson as saying production would be halted.

"When they are gone, they are gone" were the words but no point in panicking yet as Google says it will still keep selling the phones up to Q1 of 2015.

Apparently the Nexus 5 is out of stock on the Play store but fortunately for us in Asia, grey market sellers will probably still have the phone for sale.

Is it worth it, though?

Nexus 5 stock dwindles, Google only confirms availability until Q1 2015

There's no better time to get the phone if you've been sitting on the purchase as current checks online see the phone selling for a little bit more than the Xiaomi Mi3 or Huawei's Honor 6. Therein lies the problem. The Nexus 5 is, unfortunately, old tech and its spec sheet pales in comparison to the much cheaper and far more powerful (on paper) options available from China.

With the likes of Huawei and Lenovo pushing out octa-core phones at prices lower than a 'new' Nexus 5 the only reason to get the Nexus would be if you like the range and stock Android is your choice of OS.

Android's requirements keep getting steeper with each update so the question is here whether the Nexus 5 would be able to take the successor to Lollipop when it does eventually come around. While it's been said the latest version of Android has given the Nexus 5 a boost, there's no telling if you could say the same for the next update.

It's pretty apparent that the Nexus 6 is Google's favourite child for the moment so if you've been putting off getting the Nexus 5, either get one now while it's still an option or get used to the bigger but far more upgrade-ready Nexus 6.

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