Hilarious HTC ad pokes fun at iOS and Samsung, calls them 'disorders'

HTC's using humour to sell the M9, like it needs to

The HTC M9 has gotten stellar reviews but that isn't enough for HTC. No, it's time to make fun of its rivals in the form of a spoof pharmaceutical ad.

Save yourself with HTC

We're pretty sure that HTC's copywriters had too much fun making up a miracle cure-all called Cellami, which can fix the terrible feelings brought about by either Samsung Affective Disorder (SAD) or Irritable Operating System (iOS). It will also help you if you somehow feel drawn to commit "cellucide". No, we're not kidding but HTC certainly is.

If, however, you happen to own an HTC M9, you don't need Cellami.  Says HTC: "Your phone is the best! Enjoy your life."

Whether you think the ad is funny or in poor taste, at least we can't accuse HTC of being boring.

[Source: CNet]