Hideo Kojima Held Back At US Airport Customs Because Of Death Stranding

Or does “US customs seizes bizarre Japanese man for smuggling a baby” works better?

Trying to understand anything about Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is like trying to figure out the context of US President Donald Trump’s press conference statements on your first try. That seems to be the case (Death Stranding, not Trump) for US airport customs officers when they instinctively (with a red exclamation mark appearing on top of their heads, we imagine) stopped a passenger who was seen carrying something unusually suspicious. In the person’s belongings, the officers were surprised to find a human baby contained in a liquid filled pod. The passenger in question was none other than famed video game director Hideo Kojima himself.

Kojima was making his way to last week’s San Diego Comic-Con when he was stopped by customs officers at an unspecified airport during his arrival in the country. The prop he was carrying is a sample copy of the limited edition Death Stranding ‘BB Pod’ replica that was intended to be bundled with the game’s Collector’s Edition. Thankfully, instead of a quick escort to an interrogation room, everyone had a good laugh and Kojima was allowed to carry on his merry way. That lunatic. We assume there was also an awkward moment when he went through Japanese customs, prior to his flight to the States. That, or Japanese officers are already used to him by now.

Death Stranding is the first game to be released by the game director’s Kojima Productions studio after his departure from Konami. The game will be released in November 8 this year and is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. We’re not entirely sure if Malaysia will be getting the Collector’s Edition featuring the BB Pod, but the chances are very likely. Can’t wait to see Malaysian customs’ reactions when the time comes!