Hide your phones, Flappy Bird returns in August with multiplayer

The most frustrating mobile game ever invented is returning to torment us all
Hide your phones, Flappy Bird returns with multiplayer

First, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen announces the retirement of the addictive game. Then, he reveals it'll return, but not anytime soon. And now, it's set to return in August.

Wow. Much publicity stunt. Many amaze. So yawn.

On the bright side, the game will see some tweaks to apparently make it less addictive when it reappears. If that means you're less likely throw the phone at the wall, this sounds like the best news ever. 

Nguyen, while speaking to CNBC's Kelly Evans, also revealed that the simplified game will have multiplayer added. Hold up, adding multiplayer to a less addictive version of it? Sure, dude.

If you remember when Flappy Bird was at its peak, it was making an estimated US$50,000 a day from the revenue generated by in-app ads.

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A less dangerous bird?

Hide your phones, Flappy Bird returns with multiplayer

Previously, Nguyen was very vocal in the media about his mixed feelings over the app's addictiveness. He had never expected it to reach the viral popularity it did and with the popularity came unwanted media attention and feedback from players.

He confessed to feeling guilty over the messages he received from players being addicted. One such comment came from a woman who accused him of "distracting the children of the world". There were also accusations of pliagarism (specifically from the Mario series) and that Nguyen was 'ungrateful' for the money the little app brought him.

The game itself isn't hard. You are simply supposed to guide a little bird through a network of pipes by just tapping on the screen. Exactly how multiplayer is going to be added boggles the mind. Does this mean you have to race against another bird through the pipes and have a friend curse along with you? Or is it a split screen on the phone where you tap together?

What we'd like to see: better graphics and maybe better sound effects and music? We know you can afford it, Nguyen.

The game's exit has also paved the way for a flurry of Flappy Bird clones attempting to cash in on the app's notoriety. It's been three months since Flappy Bird's been pulled offthe market but despite the clones, it's likely the notorious bird return will be greeted with much fanfare. We all like the real thing now, don't we?

Nguyen is already working on his next game. This time, no birds are involved. He's creating a jumping game where a character leaps from one building to another.

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