Hidden within iOS 8 is a clue that reveals a pixel-heavy iPhone 6 screen resolution

An 828x1472 pixel screen? The code shows it just might be happening
Hidden within iOS 8 is a clue that reveals a pixel-heavy iPhone 6 screen resolut

It is more than 90 per cent certain that Apple's bringing out two iPhones next month but as to the screen type and resolution? 9to5Mac's been peeping at the code and found some interesting results. We could be looking at the first iPhone with an 828x1472 resolution.

How cool would that be? Plenty if you're already enamoured with Retina screens. Rumours are that a 960 x 1704 has been in testing for a while now. The code, located in a file related to the Springboard (Apple's 'Home' screen) shows a possible bump to the 828x1472.

More pixels is a good thing right?

iOS 8 has clues the next iPhone's resolution could be even more pixel-heavy

If the upcoming models have screens in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes, the new sharpness would surpass the 326PPI density on the current iPhone 5 series. The current threshold for the Retina display is 300PPI as seen on the iPhone 4.

Apple is supposedly adding 20 icons to the next iteration of the iPhone screen but with more pixels (and perhaps more screen real estate) then perhaps there would be more icons this time. But that doesn't quite go with Apple's clean design interface as too many icons would probably be more cluttered.

Technically, the pixel resolution could be bumped even higher and make everything look sharper. But it would likely affect battery life so the new 828x1472 resolution would be a nice compromise for better looks without being too expensive to produce or requiring more power.

We're expecting a whole raft of leaks as the date comes nearer for the iPhone 6 (name unconfirmed) launch.

In the meantime, we'll keep you updated on all things iPhone 6.