Here’s what iOS 8 is going to look like

And it doesn’t look any different from what we’re using now
Here’s what iOS 8 is going to look like

You’re looking at Apple iOS 8. Highly suspicious? Not if the Apple-loving folks from 9to5Mac put their street cred on the line for these screenshots from Weibo.

At first glance, they don’t look any different from iOS 7. Look closer and you’ll notice that square icons with rounded edges are back. What really caught our attention was not the UI’s look but the additional icons hinting at new apps joining the iOS ecosystem - TextEdit, Tips and Preview.

Tips is most likely an FAQ app for new users to navigate iOS. Not that people really need that, since iOS is relatively intuitive. TextEdit, as its name implies, could be a replacement to the current Note app for writing and will most likely sync with iCloud. As for Preview, considering that OS X has a similar program for image and PDF viewing, this new app likely operates in a similar function.

You might have noticed the Healthbook icon as well, which is in line with Apple's plans for an internal app focused on health. Just in case you’re confused, we’ve known for a while that Apple intends to introduce more health-based functions to the iPhone that’ll fully utilize the M7 chip powering it. Healthbook is supposedly Apple’s internal app that’ll track various fitness and health metrics.

We’re willing to bet everything in our pocket on Healthbook. After all, it won’t be an epic showdown if Apple doesn’t take a cue from the Samsung Galaxy S5’s heart-rate monitor and fitness-focused apps. Or was it the other way around? These days, we’ve lost track of who copied which features.

For now, it looks like Apple doesn’t plan to do any radical changes in iOS 8’s user interface. That said, it’ll be interesting to see the new health based app, which is a crucial part of Apple’s strategy, implemented on its iDevices.

Source: 9to5Mac