Here’s a place where you won’t be able to use your Google Glass…

And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where it is
Here’s a place where you won’t be able to use your Google Glass…

Now that Google Glass comes in a variety of designer options, we can probably expect more of you trying to get your hands on them, especially since you now don’t need an invite to buy these Glasses if you’re in the US.

We do know of some tech loving Singaporeans who managed to score one while on holiday there or got a mate residing in the US to get the unit.

Whatever the case, if you think Google's smart eyewear will be a permanent fixture to your face, you’re wrong; there's now officially one place it has been banned, and we’re not talking about public toilets.

If you’re in the US, you might want to keep your normal subscription glasses or contact lenses in hand (if you use them) because theatre chains are banning the use of Google Glass in its halls. And as you probably figured, the move is an attempt at cutting down piracy.

Put down that Google Glass

Here’s a place where you won’t be able to use your Google Glass…

Theatre company, Alamo Drafthouse, which operates in five (and soon to be six) US states, has followed the lead of AMC Theatres in barring the headset outright.

Even Alamo Drafthouse’s CEO, Tim League, took to Twitter to proclaim that Glass won’t be allowed in screening rooms when the lights go down for previews.

The move was spurred when some guy recently got kicked out of an AMC Theatre movie hall when staff started doubting his recording motives on Google Glass. Just to clear the record, he did not actually record the film, but things can get nasty when suspicions arise. 

So when Google Glass does become more mainstream globally, you can expect this to roll out across all local theatres near you. On the bright side, you’ll be able to use it briefly if you leave the screening hall for a toilet break or popcorn run.

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