Here’s how you can get two months of Spotify Premium for free

The only caveat? This deal applies to users who are upgrading to the Premium version
Psst, here’s how you can get Spotify for free

Who’s not into online music streaming these days? And with increasing restrictions surrounding illegal music downloads, getting it legally can be costly. As such, grabbing any deal that saves you some dosh may be a wise move.

So we’re going to let you in on a secret (if you haven’t heard it already) on how to make the best out of music streaming sites, namely Spotify.

As part of its first ever Super Summer of Music promotion, you can get a good deal for Spotify Premium – and by that, we mean getting three months worth of subscription for the price of one. But that’ll also mean you’ll have to be a basic account user to upgrade to premium (it gives you access to ad-free, on demand music online and offline).

The deal runs from now till 15 June, and all you have to do is upgrade your account and pay RM14.90 (Spotify’s Premium regular price) for the first month. The next two months will then be automatically free. 

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How does it fare to other similar sites?

Psst, here’s how you can get Spotify for free

Super Summer of Music is Spotify’s first massive promo push to the market, possibly in an attempt at either converting Pandora and iTunes users to Spotify, or putting it on the same global pedestal as its competitors.

In comparison, its competitors’ upgraded offerings provide similar services at a lower cost against Spotify’s regular pricing. For example, iTunes Match costs just S$31.98 a year.

According to Spotify’s website, it’s already garnered more than 10 million paying subscribers in May, as well as 40 million active users across 56 markets. Makes sense, since people say music makes the world go round. 

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