Here's how to get your Windows Creator update early

Officially it's only out 11 April but you can get a headstart on the download

The new Windows Creator update looks pretty exciting, what with the new apps and exciting tweaks targeted at creatives. If you can't wait for it to come out by 11 April you can actually start downloading it much earlier.

Beat the download queue

Microsoft is letting you beat the queue by downloading a special update tool. It will get you started on updating to an official build though if you've been signed up to Microsoft's Insider program, you would have access to test builds.

Using the download tool will mean you get a safer, more stable build with less bugs as Microsoft has warned that its test builds have shown themselves to be slightly buggy.

This update is certainly an exciting one as it aims to make 3D content easier with an update to the loyal Paint app - now to be renamed Paint 3D. The Creators Update will also enable better streaming as well as better privacy and security updates.

Get the updater here or get an ISO for a fresh download right here.

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[Source: TNW]