Here Is The Full List Of Smartphones That Will Cease To Have Whatsapp

Best to check if you have a Microsoft smartphone or smartphone from 2010 and earlier

It should have been expected that, at some point, older smartphones utilising older OS will eventually fall off the radar for updates on the latest programs or apps. This time, it's Whatsapp who has decided to stop support for millions of old smartphones.

According to the Facebook-owned company in a notice on its system requirements page, “Because we no longer actively develop for these operating systems, some features might stop functioning at any time.”

As such, you should be prepared to lose Whatsapp if your smartphone is running on any of these:

  • Android versions 2.3.7 and older
  • iOS 8 and older
  • All Windows OS phones from 31 December, 2019

Windows OS phones will stop having access from January 1 2020, followed by older Android and iOS phones after February 1 2020. The FAQ also emphasised that these older version of Android and iOS operating systems "can no longer create new accounts, nor re-verify existing accounts after February 1, 2020." This basically ends all possibility of using Whatsapp on said devices.

Specifically, these are the most prominent smartphones that will be affected:

iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 can only be upgraded until iOS 7.1.2 and is not able to update to the iOS 8.

Google Nexus One

The Nexus One currently runs the Google Android 2.3. 6, Gingerbread, operating system and cannot be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Nexus S

While the Samsung Galaxy S is stuck at Android Gingerbread, there is a chance to save the Galaxy Nexus S if you so want to. You will need to follow these instructions to upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich in order to keep using Whatsapp.

All smartphones using windows os

Finally, it goes without saying that all smartphones utilising the Windows OS will be affected.

If you're using any of these older smartphones and are dependent on Whatsapp, I would suggest now is the time for a smartphone upgrade. There are plenty currently on sale for you to consider too.