Helios' solar-powered Bluetooth headphones are the brightest Kickstarter idea ever

Question is how often do headphones get enough sun in the first place?
Next Kickstarter bright idea - solar-powered wireless headphones

Wireless headphones. Once you've tried them, you'll never want to take them off. Ever.

Now a new Kickstarter plans to liberate your headset from more than just cables, but charging cables too. Helios is solar-powered, which seems brilliant. Yet, seeing as most headphones are used indoors, how does that work out?

For the up-and-about

Next Kickstarter bright idea - solar-powered wireless headphones

Never fear, the Bluetooth headphones can be charged via a normal USB. With solar power, though, 1 hour of solar charging gives you 30 minutes of power. All that is achieved via a clever solar panel built along the top of the headphones. Fully charged, the headphones can apparently last up to 15 hours.

It's a nice thing to imagine, jogging with said headphones and catching some battery juice while you're using them. How high-quality are the headphones themselves? That's the missing element, as the Kickstarter specs didn't specify the sound range. So that keeps in the dark on how well the headphones will handle audio.

The headphones also come with a built-in mic so presumably you could use them with your smartphone to pick up calls.

Currently Helios is at £1,461 of its Kickstarter goal of £50,000 and has 38 days to go. Early birds can get the headphones for £100 (RM525) and it ships anywhere in the world.

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