Heineken uses Twitter to find where the cool kids are

Using your location, @wherenext helps you find nearby places to chill or eat
Heineken uses Twitter to find where the cool kids are

Ever been stuck trying to figure out where to go when you're bored of your usual hangouts? Heineken's decided to do us all a favour by working with Twitter for the @wherenext project.

It's as simple as logging onto a website where it will use your location to find the latest 'hotspots' near where you are. The project is part of Heineken's 'Cities of the World' campaign. To get started, you just visit www.heineken.com/openyourcity. What happens next is that a map with the top five recommendations are shown, with pictures and locations for you to easily make your way over.

No more staying in due to lack of trying

@wherenext bills itself as a real-time recommendations engine, built as a solution to consumers who fear missing out on exciting experiences. Apparently 'fear of missing out' (FOMO) is actually a thing.

Heineken's research said people looked for different 'social currency' wanting to break from their usual humdrum routines and discover new experiences. New Yorkers place 'making it' as the ultimate in social currency while the people in Rio de Janeiro are just happy being, well, happy. Londoners? They prefer defining success on their own terms and personal development.

So Heineken sees this as a really creative use of Twitter and planning a global, live televised event featuring people in three cities facing a series of challenges. Think Amazing Race with the consolation of more beer.

But what's different from, say, Foursquare? Now when you're logged into Foursquare on your phone it pops up and tells you a friend of yours is there or said friend made recommendations. In this case perhaps it's more because Heineken's using Twitter location-based data while Foursquare relies on its own database of users.

Still, Heinken's @wherenext is a nice option for those nights when you're bored and out of ideas.

[Source: Heineken via PSFK]