Hearthstone now playable on smartphones, productivity levels in danger

Formerly tablet-only, Blizzard now has finally got the app to work on phones

Blizzard might have seen its MOBA dreams taken over by Valve's Dota 2, but it's still cashing in on the Warcraft universe with its free-to-play deckbuilding game Hearthstone. A solid hit on tablets and the PC, Hearthstone lets you battle players from all over the world with specific character-themed decks. Druids fighting Paladins, Mages fighting Shamans, it's all quick and easy fun.

Take this smartphone away from me

Why did it take so long, you might ask? Judging from some user comments that the game plays a little sluggishly on older phone models, it was probably a challenge trying to get it to run on smaller, less powerful devices.

Hearthstone's mechanics are simple but it is a game that requires an online connection and is heavy on the graphics. The good news is that Blizzard is fairly good at producing fresh content updates, with its just releasing the new Blackrock Mountain expansion.

A good incentive to try and play the game today - whether you're an existing player or newbie, if you play a game on mobile whether in Play, Arena or Practice mode, you'll get a free Classic Pack booster. Existing players can save and carry on their progress from other devices as well so there's no excuse to not pick up your phone and start from where you left off.

Have a try if you haven't already by downloading it from the App Store and Google Play today.

[Source: The Verge]