Headphones to help you sleep better, remember more

Even side-sleepers might enjoy these

Kokoon is a pair of headphones that monitors your sleeping patterns by using the EEG sensor that is built into the headset. It can accurately measure concentration levels and sleep patterns. The device, which is designed by co-founder Tim Antos, has a goal of helping people when they are awake and to possibly improve memory retention when they are asleep. The device broke through its US$100,000 target on Kickstarter and is now climbing well past $600,000.

The company is researching ways of keeping your attention when you are doing a task as the Kokoon will recognise when your attention wanders. The company plans to partner with streaming music companies so that the headphones can deliver tracks proven to provide a kick to the brain, pretty much like coffee but without drinking it.

Aside from helping you when you are awake, it also aims to help you when you are asleep as the research team is focusing on a recent scientific research that uses audio played at specific times during a person’s sleep phase to help with improving memory consolidation and retention. The headphones may be able to do wonders to those who have bad memory and have trouble sleeping.

Kokoon is also smart enough to know when you are asleep and reduces its volume accordingly. Side sleeper? So is Tim Antos, the co-founder and that's why Kokoon is made with the most breathable and softest material as he understands how hard side sleepers have it when we put on headphones. The design that they have now is still only a prototype, so perhaps it might even improve by the time it officially ships. Head on over to Kickstarter if you think a Kokoon is what you're missing.

[source : Digitaltrends]